Our roots and development started in Europe over 9 years ago. Europe has always had sport specific academies, which started student athletes at a young age to enable them to grow and develop their skills. The 100 yards football academy is a new division of the 22ft sports group who developed the 22ft basketball academy.


22ft – Basketball academy

The name of the original academy was taken from the minimum 3-point line in Europe and the NBA. The 22ft basketball academy which is based in Greenville SC has gone from strength to strength and within the first three years of operation in the USA has attained a number 1 ranking and gone to a National championship.

100yards – Football academy

The new 100 yards concept has its home in Greenville SC. With the program starting in the same fashion and manner as the basketball academy, its goals are to produce well-rounded, well-educated and future talent that is driven by desire and conviction in their choice of football as their chosen sport. The 100 yards football program has an initial 3-year goal of winning the National High school championships and gaining a top ranking in the nation.

18yards – Soccer Academy

The name of the academy was taken from the penalty box dimensions and stays in the numbered theme of the other divisions of the academy. Soccer has signed a contract with a leading soccer academy in Europe whereby expertise and players come from Europe to participate and train in the USA, which allows young American talent the opportunity to practice and play with European players to improve their talents

95inches – Volleyball Academy

Volleyball and beach volleyball will be introduced in 2016-2017 but will be as a day academy. This will then lead into the 2017-2018 season being incorporated as the other academy concepts.