What We Do


What do you say when someone has a bright idea that they follow up on?
We call it 22ft.
twentytwofeet is a no-nonsense basketball management company who have looked at basketball problems of today and are developing players for tomorrow.

We decided that being just a management company wasn’t exactly cutting edge in the basketball world, so we decided to get down in the trenches and help kids, semi-pros, wannnabes and the Real Deals to achieve their goals.

Not all players have the same aims; at 22ft we decided to help basketball players, teams, coaches to achieve what they set out to achieve: It could be a dream to play in high school or college, to play in a European pro league, to get some coaching, get better training or the ultimate dream of going all the way to the NBA.

22ft is based in Holland with affiliates in the UK, Dubai, Singapore and the USA. The managing partners have been involved in sports management, advertising, marketing and public relations for more than fifteen years. Their current skill sets and that of the 22ft staff has combined to create great awareness within the corporate industry towards basketball and its potential.

Why not visit the world of 22ft and see what we can do to help your basketball reach its highest potential?